Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 489

Chapter 489: Gold Essence Foundation Knight Trial (II)

What he used was Shield Block Rebounce, a very simple and plain technique, but after being added to Spiritual Highland, its might wasn’t that easy to resist.

Long Haochen only felt as if this “mountain” that he tried to pierce suddenly crumbled, flashing with golden light, as a terrible oppressive force immediately attacked and repelled him.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t as if Long Haochen’s sword strike had no use at all. At least, he tore apart the imposing manner of the counterpart, completely annihilating it when that tall knight was in the midst of raising it to the peak. This could be said to be how he took advantage of his own failure.

The golden light went on full swing from his back, and at the same time Long Haochen’s body was sent flying, his four wings already unfurled on his back, and the two on the left side abruptly flapped, causing his body make a horizontal turn in the air.

The instant his body made a flip, the huge hammer swept past his former position. It didn’t smash onto the ground, yet produced a thundering blast, the edge of which reached Long Haochen, aiming for his side. So strong! Logn Haochen was extremely shocked. He was full of confidence regarding his own ability, but only now did he understand how strong a Gold Essence Foundation Knight was.