Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 477

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 477: : The Revelation from Great Prophecy Technique (III)

With a low sound, the heavy door opened. It felt like there was no air, and Long Haochen felt an incomparable awe from its opening.

Drawing back slightly, Long Haochen used his hands to support himself, taking a defensive posture. His movements were slow and steady, facing a sharp intent that took material shape. The instant his movements stabilized, an intense golden light lit up from Divine Obstruction.

It was a shame that Yang Haohan’s crystall ball was unable to watch the situation in this inner part of the Illusory Cave, or he would find out with great shock, that Long Haochen was making use of an essence level Divine Obstruction.

During this one year of deep meditation, it wasn’t only his internal spiritual energy that gained a large boost. His body benefitted from the overflowing spiritual energy, both his external spiritual energy and mental force achieving large progress.

One could say that through a year of stabilization, Long Haochen processed all the fighting experience, training processes and happy encounters, distilling it all to the greatest extent. When compared to a year prior, his gain of spiritual energy aside, he became a lot more stable in many other aspects.

The door released a sharp energy that didn’t last for long before coming loose. On Long Haochen’s face one could be see his heartfelt respect. Undoubtedly, in this room there were records of knight abilities of the seventh step. His precursors had left their techniques here, just like their lives. They were dead already, but their blood would forever remain in every living knight.

Stepping over the door, there was a ten square meters large hall, with doors on either side. On the door of the left was a symbol of shield, and on the right door were two swords. These were the symbols of Guardian Knight abilities and Retribution Knight abilities.

After Long Haochen pondered for a little while, he still chose to head for the door with a shield engraved on it, pushing the door.

Immediately, a thick feeling invaded his senses.

Southeast stronghold.

Bang! A bright silver light exploded in high altitude. This reduced a Dual Headed Demon Eagle to fragments. A massive shield was swept horizontally, this time disintegrating the Dual Bladed Demons that were just done climbing above the city walls.

Clad in spatial armor, Wang Yuanyuan stood proudly at the entrance. Her silver armor was covered in bloodstains, making it even hard to tell its color.

The silver light that just ascended was the Space Splitting Sauté fired by her Divine Soul Shield, and the swipe was Revolving Splitting Shield.

At this time, she was treading on the city walls. In her left hand, a sawtooth-looking chopper of two meters length. Every time its blade fell, a demon would fall out of the city. By herself, she covered a width of twenty meters on the city walls. To say nothing of the enemies, even the male warriors from the Warrior Temple didn’t dare approach the area guarded by Wang Yuanyuan.

The Sawteeth Chopper in Wang Yuanyuan’s left hand was two meters long, its handle reaching over two third of a meter. Although she controlled it with only one hand, it showed a might close to dual handed weapon. Glistening in bright silver, not only the back of its blade, even the blade itself was made of the same kind of sawtooth.

In a flash of silver light, the bone cuts made by the Sawteeth let out sour sounds, and although the volume of its handle was large, its attack speed remained incomparably fast. It seemed as if her hand was controlling a silver bolt of lightning, shooting up and down.

Right, the great chopper in Wang Yuanyuan’s hand was made of the material they acquired in the Swamps of Gloom.

After Lin Xin returned to the Mage Temple, he had an expert in craftsmanship use the teeth of seven Saw Skates to create it for Wang Yuanyuan. Reaching the peak of the Legendary Tier, this weapon was only a step away from the Epic Tier.

The craftsman who made this great blade sighed emotionally, seeing this bloody blade, inflicting terrible cut, and able to break through the overwhelming majority of the defensive spell of the eighth step or lower. It contained three abilities: Bloody Cut, Bloodsaw Mad Dance, and Dimensional Storm. Finally, it was given the name of Bloodstorm.

Bloody Cut is included in this Bloodstorm, being one of the terrifying laceration effects of the Saw Skates’ attacks. It has strong lacerating power, its sharpness even exceeding Long Haochen’s Aria of the Goddess of Light in its normal state. And never forget about the understanding Wang Yuanyuan acquired from Long Haochen’s self-created Ripples of Light. The cutting power of Bloody Cut added with Ripples of Light reached a terrible power that only the one at the receiving end would know.

Two days before, at the time a demon powerhouse of the eighth step had clashed against Wang Yuanyuan, she was pushed away, but his hand was cut by the Bloody Cut without suspense. His powerful external spiritual energy proved out to be of no use.

Bloodsaw Mad Dance and Dimensional Storm were two abilities that required spiritual energy for use, consuming quite a lot of it, but the power merited it. They were extremely terrifying attacks.

Bloodsaw Mad Dance instantly gives birth to seven Bloodstorms. Each one carrying the same power. After all, this terrifying sword was made from the horns of seven Saw Skates. Their souls still faintly existed inside.

Dimensional Storm is the greatest ability of this weapon. One use would use up two thousand units of spiritual energy, producing a small scale dimensional cut in the midst of all the sawtooth, and letting the might of Bloody Cut reach its peak. At least up to this day, Wang Yuanyuan had yet to encounter an opponent able to block the combination of this weapon and its abilities. Even powerhouses of the eighth step pouring all their spiritual energy in their weapons were the same.

These three abilities aside, because of being made of Saw Skates, which are dual wind and space elements, Bloodstorm’s attack speed is naturally very high. It offensive power exceeded the Divine Soul Shield with four spatial crystals on. Therefore, Wang Yuanyuan started using the Divine Soul Shield as a real shield. Her killing power was mostly based on Bloodstorm.

It was a year ago that she returned in the southeast’s stronghold. Starting from the day of her return, Wang Yuanyuan took the initiative to ask to be fighting on the edge of the city. At the beginning, her utility was not very distinct in the great war. But after she obtained the Bloodstorm sent by Lin Xin, she gradually started to emerge as one of the important elements of the southeast’s stronghold.

Her slender build, cold and elegant demeanor, terrible gigantic shield and sawteeth cutter. Every day, the demons killed in her hands reached an unbelievable number. This is how she gained the nickname of Killer Princess’. Her military contributions made her a regimental commander of the Alliance.

The military officer ranks of the Temple Alliance can be, from lower to higher rank, enumerated as:
-small team leader, commanding twenty soldiers
-middle-sized team leader, commanding a hundred soldiers
-large team leader, commanding five hundred soldiers
-battalion commander, head of a thousand five hundred soldiers
-regimental commander, head of three battalions
-corps chief,head of three regiments.

And above them are the three military chiefs of the Alliance’s armies, upper, middle and lower commanders in chief.

Having reached the rank of regimental commander solely based on her killing force, one could well imagine how many demons Wang Yuanyuan killed by herself. Even the person in question stopped counting since long ago. Contrary to expectation, as soon as she’d set foot on the city walls, her eyes would instinctively turn red, before being followed by a frantic slaughter.

This year, she suffered a total of three severe wounds, and returned to the battlefield before recovering completely from them every time. The southeast stronghold asked her many times to take up her role as a military officer, commanding the armies to fight, but every time, she rejected their offer. She asked to stand in the top front of the warriors, going to kill the enemies, even as a regimental commander ranked warrior.

Rauu A Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon of the fifth step leapt on the city walls, howling at Wang Yuanyuan.

Bang. After making a full turn, the Divine Soul Shield returned to Wang Yuanyuan’s hands. Against the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, all Wang Yuanyuan did was a simple movement: a chop.

From Bloodstorm, silvery light burst out, letting out strident lacerating sounds. The lacerated space of black color, was bordered in silver, taking the shape of a dual colored bright blade instantly reducing the previously rampant Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon to shreds.

Timeless Strike, ability used by spatial warriors of the sixth step. Used through Bloodstorm, its power was raised one level above.

Suddenly, Wang Yuanyuan’s carefree move came to a sudden stop, looking afar.

A black dot was enlarging in her line of sight.

“Careful, Yuanyuan.” With a shout, a tall figure rushed to Wang Yuanyuan’s side, glinting in golden color. A thick tower shield appeared along on the ground.

At the time that black dot that came from afar and enlarged at astonishing speed reached the city walls, it reached a terrifying volume. That was impressively a powerful Demonic Bear.

This was a besieging method the demons thought of. Using giant catapults, powerful army forces were thrown straight at the city walls.

If this kind of attack patterns was used a year ago, that would be like throwing mice at a cat, just looking for death. A simple spell used by a mage would suffice to stop that.

But with the progress of the war, the mages of the Temple Alliance were constantly priority targets of war. Outside from the Mage Temple, the count of mages guarding the other Great Temples’ stronghold were already pitifully few.

The body of that Demonic Bear struck against that tower shield violently.

The knight holding the tower shield was forcibly repelled by the strike, letting out blood from his mouth and nose.

The force of the Demonic Bear was really terrible, and the one thrown was a Demonic Bear of the seventh step. With its great defensive power, in case it managed to stand on top of the city walls, it would cause great damage to the southeastern stronghold.

The one who blocked this attack from the Demonic Bear for Wang Yuanyuan, wasn’t that Zhang Fangfang?

At the start of the Holy War, all the Demon Hunt Squad went in a state of war, all of them participating in the battlefields. After a year of violent battle, Zhang Fangfang’s Demon Hunt Squad was no longer left. Out of the six of them, only the assassin and him were still alive. The others all died at this southeastern stronghold.

It could be said to be an unexpected joy for Zhang Fangfang to have reunited once again with Wang Yuanyuan. His comrades died one after another, and he suffered many serious injuries. It was thanks to the Spiritual Stove of Second Life he acquired in the Illusory Paradise back then that he managed to make it back alive one time after another.

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