Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 367

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 367: Two Pieces of Legendary Equipment

“Little brother, I have some pretty good equipment here though, do you want to have a look at it?” Saying these words, that middle-aged man threw a little wristguard at Long Haochen.

Now that Long Haochen reached the sixth step, he could judge the rank of a piece of equipment with his senses. However, this was merely a piece of Spiritual Equipment. Catching it, he mustered a serious expression.

“Mister, what uses does this have?” Long Haochen asked with curiosity.

The middle-aged man replied, “It carries a secondary ability called Absorption.

Don’t look down on it just because it’s at the Spiritual Tier. It has many great uses in particular situations. Its supplementary ability Absorption lasts for ten minutes, only consuming a bit of your own spiritual energy. Then, if you carry this wristguard, you will be capable of flight in any area free of obstruction for the duration of the Absorption. Unless your arm gets cut or you voluntarily deactivate it, these effects won’t stop. And every time you remove it, activating it the next time will require to invest a bit more spiritual energy.”

Long Haochen was filled with doubts, “Don’t all of us possess the ability of flight as ones who reached the sixth step of their vocations? This Absorption ability is…”

Not waiting for an explanation from him, Cai’er took the wristguard from Long Haochen’s hands and spoke with a nod, “If we want this piece of equipment, how much would it cost?”

The middle-aged man smiled, “You sure are knowledgeable. Not much, just 10,000 contribution points.”

“Okay, please wait a bit.” Cai’er gave back the wristguard to the vendor, and quickly called Lin Xin over. Not bargaining further, she directly used ten thousand contribution points to purchase this wristguard, and put it on her left hand.

After leaving the booth, Long Haochen couldn’t help but ask, “Cai’er, is this piece of equipment at the Spiritual Tier really worth 10,000 contribution points?”

Cai’er revealed a smile and replied, “It may perhaps not be worth it, but this is the kind of good item that even the wealthy people may not find. It is quite an uncommon type, and all uncommon types of equipment carry some special abilities. This wristguard doesn’t carry an absorbing ability, but an ability known as Absolute Absorption, based on the seller’s words. Don’t think we can fly in any environment just because we have the ability of flight. This Absorption ability can save one’s life a lot of times. Let me give you a simple example, if we are in an environment forbidding flight or underwater, of what use will our spiritual wings be? Also, when facing magical beasts, by the means of Absorption, we can keep the enemy in a very unfavorable situation while attacking him uninterruptedly. As a whole, the opportunity to get this kind of item isn’t a chance to be missed. You’ll see its definite efficacy in the future.”

When the two of them were done talking, they already arrived at the official sales counters of the third floor, directly bringing Lin Xin along with them.

In front of the sales counter were quite a lot of people, and the reception clerks were also not few. Long Haochen’s group of three entered from the edge, and found a staff member receiving them with difficulty.

“Hello. Excuse me, do you have some Legendary Equipment for sale here? Any kind will do, we are looking to buy some.” Long Haochen told the staff member

The staff member appeared startled, as if shocked by his rich and overbearing presence, “Please wait here. I have to check for that.”

Rapidly, the staff member was back, “There are presently two unsold pieces of equipment that are available for inspection, and two that are being inspected. Do you want to examine one of those two?”

The inspection he was speaking about was the right of the Demon Hunters to have a look at the equipment. After their evaluation, they would decide whether to buy it or not The two that were being examined should be in the hands of the other Demon Hunters in front of the sales counter.

Long Haochen nodded, “We want to inspect both.”

The staff member responded, “Please pay 20,000 contribution points as an examining fee first please. If in the end, you decide to take the equipment, the examining fee will be used as part of the payment to buy the equipment. If you renounce on buying it, the inspection fee can however not be recovered.”

Lin Xin unsatisfactorily called out, “Isn’t this a rip-off from you? We have to spend 10,000 contribution points just to have a look, why don’t you just directly rob us? Do you know how hard it is for us to gain contribution points from killing demons?”

The staff member replied with an unchanging face, “Sorry, these are the rules in the Transaction Center. Because there are many issues touching upon Legendary Equipment, examining it casually will be very hard for staff like us. If you have any problems, you can negotiate with the executives from the Transaction Center.”

Lin Xin seemed to want to say more, but was put to a stop by Long Haochen, “Let it be, Lin Xin. Give him the contribution points.”

Lin Xin was widely known as the one who would chase the furthest after benefits, but he couldn’t go against Long Haochen. Still feeling unreconciled and unwilling, he transferred the 20,000 contribution points to the staff member, however, his eyes were whirling, making his thoughts a wonder.

“Please wait a moment.” After receiving these 20,000 contribution points, the attitude of the staff member immediately became all the more respectful. The fact they consented to take out these 20,000 contribution points was a proof that they truly had the buying power to buy the equipment. Prior to this, he felt quite contemptuous because of their young age, but now swiftly hid these feelings away.

The surrounding commander grade Demon Hunters weren’t few, and their move immediately attracted the attention of quite a few people. In fact, not all commander grade Demon Hunt Squads would have the courage to spend twenty thousand contribution points just to look at Legendary Tier Equipment. Otherwise, these two pieces wouldn’t still be up for sale.

After a wait of no less than a quarter of an hour, that staff member returned to the counter before two other senior staff members approached. These two were clad in white gowns, and appeared to be over fifty years old, filled with dignified bearing. In the hands of each of them was a case.

The staff member instructed the three of them, “If you three are from the same Demon Hunt Squad, you can examine them together.”

“Thank you.” Long Haochen’s group of three didn’t stand on formality, and entered the sales counter from the side door, which led to a room in the rear. The two senior staff members followed them.

The interior of the room wasn’t large. It looked like a place where staff members usually rested. These two staff members put the cases on the table, before making an inviting hand gesture, while their bodies emitted glints. A silver and a golden barrier spread out, sheltering the inside from every external presence. This was naturally to prevent the spiritual energy from the Legendary Equipment to leak out.

One of the elderly men told them, “You can start your examination. The total time for these two items cannot exceed half an hour.”

Long Haochen gave Lin Xin a meaningful glance, and the two of them headed in front of the two cases, opening them slowly.

The cases were very heavy, apparently entirely made of gold. When seeing these two cases before, Long Haochen understood that these two pieces of Legendary Equipment were probably weapons.

When Long Haochen’s case was opened, a rich water vapor was released, as a water blue staff appeared before their eyes.

This staff wasn’t long, only 1.2 meters approximately, and was covered entirely in crystallic blue. The material it was made of couldn’t be discerned, and the staff gave off soft and sleek vibes. From its bottom end to its sharp peak, it was covered by large blue snowflakes, giving off a cold aura.

The staff was shaped in a succinct and fluent design, giving off a noble and pristine feeling. Long Haochen carefully recovered the staff, immediately sensing an extremely cold breath spread out from the staff to his body. More extraordinarily, the blue color released by the staff dissipated upon his touch, turning into vapor, and exposed its pure white body. So the blue color from before was actually water essence close to a solidified state? That was no wonder from a piece of Legendary Tier Equipment.

“This staff is called Prideful Ice and Snow. It has only two abilities: one is called Ice Concentration, and the other one Icy Pride. Ice Concentration can be used by a water mage to strengthen his ice, and Icy Pride is a ability carrying exploding capabilities, enabling any water ability to detone through its effects. It will strengthen the power of all abilities as a whole. Simply said, if an Ice Cone pierces through an enemy before being blown by Icy Pride, the results will be as you can well imagine. The power of this ability will depend on the user’s strength, and this staff requires a mage of the water element to be used. His internal spiritual energy must be above 8,000 units, and the selling price is 250,000 contribution points.”

The elder standing to the side gave a little introduction of this legendary staff.

After this, the second elder continued, “These Wings of Fire Dragon contain the bone marrow of an ancient Fire Dragon as its core, which is supplemented by expansive resources, before adding the soul of the Fire Dragon as its engine, to give birth to such a legendary treasure. Fitting to fire warriors and mages, it gives a hundred percent boost to the gathering speed of fire essence and a hundred percent boost to the flight speed with the user’s spiritual wings. The supplementary ability it carries is called Fire Dragon Guard, and can be used three times a day. The requirement for use is an internal spiritual energy of 8,000 units and its selling price is 320,000 contribution points.”

These two pieces of legendary equipment included one of the water and one of the fire element. Lin Xin’s luck was undoubtedly very good. The Wings of Fire Dragon gave two boosts and an ability, and thus could be considered to be a rather powerful piece of Legendary Tier Equipment.

Two mini-wings were being held in Lin Xin’s hands, who asked the nearby old man with some doubts, “Senior, how is this item used?”

That elder replied, “When pressed against the back, the user’s internal spiritual energy will be linked to the item, gaining its boost. However, although you are a fire mage, does your internal spiritual energy actually reach 8,000 units?”

Lin Xin shook his head helplessly, “My internal spiritual energy is now at 5,000 units. It looks that I won’t be able to use this good thing for a little while. Boss, what’s to be done?” His last question was directed at Long Haochen.

Long Haochen gave a calm smile, “I want these two items.”

“What?” Those two elders were both startled, exchanging a glance with each other and letting out expressions of disbelief.

Long Haochen continued, “If the other two pieces of Legendary Equipment haven’t been purchased yet by the Demon Hunters examining them, we are willing to examine them as well. Lin Xin, pay the contribution points for these two pieces of Legendary Equipment to these two seniors.”

Lin Xin gave a dumbstruck look to Long Haochen, “Boss, no need to be so hasty to use up 570,000 contribution points! This is more than half of our savings. And furthermore, we don’t need an ice staff for our team.”

Long Haochen showed a slight smile, “Just do as I say and you’ll see.” In the team, his reputation had been already established through merits, and Lin Xin believed completely in him. Resisting the urge of showing his affected feelings with difficulty, he paid the price for the two pieces of equipment to the two elders.

These two elders were stunned. One reason was because of their age and the other because of their overwhelming wealth. Even to veteran commander Demon Hunt Squads, taking out over 500,000 contribution points wouldn’t be an easy thing!

In fact, killing a demon of the sixth step would often give at most one or two thousand contribution points. How could 500,000 contribution points be gathered so easily and then spent like that?

Long Haochen instructed Lin Xin, “Try out whether you can use those Wings of Fire Dragon.”

Lin Xin asked with doubt, “Isn’t there a requirement to have over 8,000 units of spiritual energy to do that?”

Long Haochen replied, “Have you forgotten about your Heart of Fire? Your flames are already different from ordinary mages’. It should somewhat lower the requirement for some equipment. Just give it a try. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll retry after increasing your strength.”

“You’re right! I didn’t think of that!” Lin Xin’s eyes were lit up, and as he said that, a faint golden red luster was released as the mini wings were easily absorbed into his back, blending with his spiritual energy.

“Pop.” Blue flames ignited from Lin Xin’s body, and instantly, the temperature in the room shot up at an astounding speed. These two elders were astonished. Exchanging glances with each other, they couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration, naturally sensing the temperature from this fire.

Light dragon cries came out from the Wings of Fire Dragon, while the blue flames were poured inside frantically. Immediately, the original golden red Wings of Fire Dragon gradually gained a deep blue gloss. During this transformation, it seemed to gain some melted features.

Lin Xin lightly grasped the Wings of Fire Dragon in his hand, transferring his spiritual energy with full force for several minutes until those Wings of Dragon Fire suddenly gained greatly in brilliance. The dark blue fire on its peak suddenly vanished after that, and seemingly affected by the new equipment, Lin Xin spread the spiritual wings of blue fire on his back, letting the Wings of Fire Dragon dissolve into them.

Suddenly, Lin Xin’s spiritual wings’ size at least doubled, and they suddenly looked a lot more solid. Indistinctly, a layer of dragon scales densely covered his spiritual wings, and the dark blue dual wings yet again gained another trendy feature. The vigor coming out from him changed at once, faintly gaining the might of a dragon, and the Flames of Heart of Flames gained again in substance.

“Very good!” Lin Xin happily hummed, “That’s as expected from a good item costing 320,000 contribution points. Even when I don’t cultivate, my spiritual energy seems to increase even faster than in my past times of cultivation. That’s so pleasurable, really so pleasurable!”

Seeing him lose himself pleased in this joy, Long Haochen said with a smile, “Okay, retract your spiritual wings now. We should go now. Perhaps there will be some good things for the others.” Saying that, he returned the Pride of Ice and Snow to its case, and collected it back into the Tower of Eternity, before emphasising their desire to buy Legendary Tier Equipment to the two elders. Finally, they returned to the third floor of the transaction center.

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