Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 340

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 340: It’s different? Your thigh… (II)

Long Haochen infused her very slowly with his spiritual energy, out of fear to cause harm to Cai’er’s body. After some of his spiritual energy had streamed into Cai’er’s body, he managed to sense her condition through his spiritual energy.

Cai’er’s body was in a terrible state, many of her energy channels were destroyed and some of the most important meridians were almost severed. Only the fantastic dark green vital energy barely kept them attached.

Using the words ‘hanging by a thread’ to describe Cai’er’s condition would be no exaggeration. If not for the immersion in the vitalizing green pool, it would have taken her merely a little instant to die.

Sensing the danger Cai’er was in, Long Haochen was shaken even more violently deep inside, and his steady stream of spiritual energy was released even more carefully.

A gentle Holy Mantle spread onwards, wrapping Cai’er and him inside.

It wasn’t that Long Haochen wasn’t capable of using more powerful healing spells, but Cai’er’s current state was just too weak. Therefore, he didn’t dare to use high intensity spells to heal her, only prudently restoring her body. He couldn’t be overly hasty or else, he would very possibly produce the opposite effect.

After an unknown amount of time passed, Cai’er’s damaged energy channels were finally restored, and although this couldn’t be called a complete healing, it was at least guaranteed that all her energy channels were reconnected. Deep inside, he thanked Ye Xiaolei from his heart. Cai’er’s energy channels had been severely damaged, but because of the care given by the Illusory Paradise, those damaged channels were barely preserved by the gentle energy of life, that not only saved Cai’er’s life but also made it a lot easier for him to treat her.

The Holy Mantle that surrounded Cai’er didn’t cease its healing effect from beginning to end. As Cai’er’s body gradually recovered, one surge of energy after another entered her energy channels, and was absorbed along with the vital energy from the surroundings. With the help from Long Haochen’s healing magic, Cai’er’s recovery sped up.

“Eh…” A long time later, Cai’er’s body shook slightly, and she slowly opened her eyes.

However, Long Haochen once again wore a sluggish look, and it was exactly because of Cai’er’s shaking. It was strong enough to affect him and caused the careless move that followed. His right hand slipped on her chest, and grabbed a mellow and soft rising mound. His fingers and palm cupped it, and even if he had been more ignorant in this regard, he would still have known what he was touching! At the instant that happened, Cai’er’s eyes were already open and she happened to feel the warmth of his large hand on her. Staring at each other, the two looked just as dull as their counterpart.

“You…” Cai’er’s trembling voice was light, and a rose-colored blush appeared on her face, spreading smoothly even to her neck.

“I… I…” Long Haochen didn’t know how to react. Moving his hand wasn’t the solution, and getting out of the way wasn’t right either. And his astonishing impulse actually urged him to continue.

Raising her arms with an exaggerated movement, Cai’er’s pearly white teeth bit her own lips as she held Long Haochen with both of her hands, pressing her own body even closer to his. Not daring to look at him any further, she could feel her own heartbeat accelerate as her level of panic increased. However, her panic and shyness aside, she felt more satisfied than anything else.

Cai’er’s past experience was only filled with darkness and loneliness, but ever since meeting Long Haochen, her heart kept changing ceaselessly. Every time she encountered dangers or difficulty, her idiot was the first to join her side every time. In Long Haochen’s eyes, this was just natural, but in Cai’er’s eyes, this was the greatest happiness.

After experiencing the inhuman pain from the fusion of her spiritual stoves, the first one she saw after regaining consciousness was him. The feeling of intimacy from her body reached an embarrassing level, but first of all, the first one she got to see after experiencing all this pain was her beloved man. What could please her more than that? Thus, she didn’t blame Long Haochen in any way, and on top of that, she trusted in Long Haochen not being the kind of person to take advantage of somebody’s weaknesses. The gentle light essence filling her body was already proof that he was just healing her. Or perhaps did he happen to heal her at that place?

When one really loved another person exceedingly, no matter what mistakes the loved one would make, the lover would often only see their good points.

However, this in turn brought Long Haochen a totally different sensation. At every special place of his body, Long Haochen felt his willpower being exposed to an even more terrible trial than at the time of the fusion between his spiritual stoves. His whole body was stiff from that. Never forget that he is after all a young and vigorous little virgin. Furthermore, he matured a lot faster than the others of his age, and his level of maturity was….

“Idiot, why are you still not giving me clothes to put on?” Cai’er’s face was buried in his chest as she spoke these words in a small voice.

“Oh, yeah.” Hearing Cai’er’s words, Long Haochen hurried to take out some of his own clothes from the Eternal Melody. Not worrying about the clothes she was given to wear, Cai’er already stood up from the pool of water.

Her movement was very fast, and with a turn of her body, Long Haochen’s clothing already covered up her figure. However, because she was only clad in upper garment, the sight of her slender thighs was unavoidable, and in spite of the cover that it formed at the crucial area, this gave off an all the more mysterious alluring feeling.

Long Haochen foolishly looked at her. His eyesight was incomparably good, and although he only had a glance at Cai’er’s changing, he still saw what he shouldn’t have seen, and seemed to have seen everything.

Now, he didn’t even dare move, for fear that the fiery feeling in his heart would surge out. Not daring to show any affectionate movement towards Cai’er, he was currently like a fire surrounded by surges of oil, ready to turn into raging flames anytime.

Seeing his thoroughly red face, Cai’er only sneaked a glance at him before running to his back, “You are not permitted to peep.”

“Oh, yeah.” Long Haochen gave an answer with difficulty, but the sight of his adam’s apple gulping back his saliva sold him off.

Cai’er’ thighs looked different than Yating’s. Long Haochen found out to his shock that a certain thought reached his brain.

This thought was that Yating was certainly beautiful, from her long and slender legs to her perfectly straight, rich and flawless figure, but although Cai’er lacked a lot in comparison, her leg had a sleek curve and her body a sweet scent very unique to young human girls. More importantly, seeing her leg, although Long Haochen felt bashful, it felt like releasing him of all burdens.

“Alright, time for us to go now.” Cai’er’s soft voice sounded at his back.

In a mechanical motion, Long Haochen turned around, immediately seeing that Cai’er had changed back into some of her own black clothing that covered all of her body’s beauty. She also handed Long Haochen’s clothes back to him.

Loosening his own breath, Long Haochen recovered his own clothes, but when he touched Cai’er’s fingertips, he became unable to hold back the burning feeling in his chest, and immediately drew himself closer to her to capture her lips with a kiss. His hand also fell carelessly on the same place where he had touched her back then in the water, carelessly kneading the tender swelling in spite of the clothes.

The Scion of Light was not a saint! And even if he had been a saint, there would surely still have been times when he would have been unable to hold back to some extent.

Because Cai’er’s injuries had been critically severe, so Long Haochen had wanted to stabilize her for the time being. Thus, even if the feelings filling his heart were burning, he only let them emerge for a bit before leading Cai’er back to the Illusory Shrine in a rush.

“Yating, heal Cai’er!” Long Haochen landed, and told Yating who felt still a bit unsatisfied about having been abandoned by him just before.

The current Cai’er was still weak, and didn’t notice any difference about Yating.

Long Haochen turned in Zhang Fangfang’s direction, “Brother Zhang, please stay here for a bit longer, I have to send off my comrades first of all. This method is our team’s greatest secret, so please don’t ask or tell others about it.”

Zhang Fangfan nodded in response, “Be at ease.” Saying that he directly walked in front of Wang Yuanyuan, “Hit me.”

Wang Yuanyuan became blank.

With a deep look at her, Zhang Fangfang continued, “This way I won’t see, nor hear or sense anything. Isn’t that the best way to guard this secret?”

Long Haochen said with haste, “Brother Zhang, there’s no need to go to such…”

Before he even finished, Wang Yuanyuan’s hand hit Zhang Fangfang’s side with a cutting motion. Instantly, his body became limp and fell to the ground under Wang Yuanyuan’s support.

Lin Xin couldn’t help but react by saying, “Yuanyuan, so you really put your hands to use like that!”

Wang Yuanyuan shot him a glance, asking, “Do you want me to do the same to you.”

“Don’t, there’s no need.” Lin Xin repeatedly waved his hands with haste.

Wang Yuanyuan gave a look to the unconscious Zhang Fangfang thinking secretly in rage, Serves you right, to perturb my heart!

Since it was already getting late, Long Haochen didn’t dare waste any more time. Leaving Zhang Fangfang, Cai’er and Yating there, he triggered the Eternal Melody and transported his comrades back. Sima Xian and Chen Ying’er’s injuries were already stabilized; it was just that they were still in deep sleep. Their wounds were actually not as critical as Cai’er’s, and after some prolonged healing, they just needed some nursing for the time being.

With a glint of golden light, Long Haochen returned to the Illusory Shrine. Sensing the changes on the light essence in the air, he couldn’t help but let some surprise show from his eyes.

After his awakening as a god’s chosen one, his control over the light element was visibly a lot stronger, to the extent that he managed to manipulate the Eternal Melody all the more smoothly. Atop of that, he was already back to the Illusory Shrine, and wasn’t in the Illusory Paradise anymore. Thus, getting transported back didn’t take up so much spiritual energy.

After waking Zhang Fangfang and letting Yating return into his own body, Long Haochen led the group of three out of the Illusory Shrine.

Three days wasn’t a long period but it wasn’t short either. Both the Temple Alliance and the demons were waiting impatiently outside the shrine. After all, this time, very important figures from both sides had participated.

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