[SYWZ] 383; good and bad news

Hi, chapter 383 here for your pleasure.

The good news is that we should be able to say goodbye to the crashes now. The bad thing is regarding that the mail notification temporarily won’t work. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks a lot to the sponsors of this time: Brahm L, and Julia H.

Please enjoy this read!

  • afk48

    still database errors… got in after my 17th refresh

  • Afiat Atmaja

    I still get “Error establishing a database connection” when opening this web 😮

    • aw thanks for telling me. At least it lasted for three of four times shorter than before, but well, since it doesn’t change much, perhaps I should just go and reable. :/

  • Olbid

    Thanks for the chapter.

  • Drama

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  • Yelan

    Thanks Totobro… could you let us know whats your schedule for a week.. how many Standard and sponsored chapter a week?

    • Enkshar

      There’s no fix number of standard chapters per week. Toto translates a chapter as standard after 2-3 days since last chapter (more 3 than 2). Also he translates any sponsor chapter before 24hs it has been sponsored.

      Its kind of a strange schedule as the more sponsored chapter, the less standard chapter he translates. But these are his rules and im fine with them, specially since im a leecher =)

      • Yelan

        thnx Enkshar.. i guess now it makes sense there is no fixed chapters per week.. works as long as we get a few every week

  • devilsadvocate

    thank you totoro! i am rather late but now there r so many chaps i will start reading
    thank you for your hard work ^^