[SYWZ] 382 – may reneed to disable mail notifications

Hi, here is chapter 382.

Thanks a lot to sponsor Frederico S again!

No one is playing with your hearts, really..
Don’t worry, I feel the same as you. Yeah screw all these secret secrets in ellipsis.

Anyway, enjoy this chapter. Seems that the plot is advancing.

Also, as you may have noticed, post releases are making the server crash again (for about 1 hr from what I saw). I’ve just changed some settings to test whether things sort themselves out this way, and sorry about that, but the mail notifications will be disabled again for a little while if it doesn’t.

EDIT: never mind, seems sorted out, sorry about the fake alert.
Edit: never mind the edit, actually still crashed

Thanks for your understanding, I may come with announcing hours of releases before the release or send mail notifications from another source as a provisional solution if needed.

  • Richard Currie

    What caching do you have in each page? Ideally you wouldn’t need to touch the db for every page load. Do you have a software engineering background? What qps can Totobro handle before crashing? Would a progressive making list help?

    • Thanks for your help, seems that changing some settings and little things helped to solve that! Now it’s repaired

  • Olbid


  • Olbid


  • Drama

    Thanks ..