[SYWZ] 329

Hi, here is your chapter 329!

Email notification is re-enabled, so please feel free to tell me how it works out for you.

Now is time for a two-releases day (or more precisely, let’s just say the next one will follow within 13-14h, while the one after that will follow in at most 25-26h); just look at time of the first comments on the chapter page to see the estimates of time that passed so see you soon enough.

Thanks a lot to sponsor Frederico J!

  • MythosDragon

    Thank you.

  • Varler

    Yay! Email notifications work again. I had almost forgotten about this series just because I didn’t have the time to keep checking the site for updates. Now that I’m getting emails again, I’ll have to read the past hundred or whatever chapters that I missed.
    Thanks toto!